Leadership Team

Founder – Chad Fleming, OD, FAAO

Dr. Fleming is a private practice optometrist and business owner in Wichita,KS.  He is responsible for the clinical care and running of the business, including, but not limited to clinical practice, staff management, business IT manager, website developer and maintainer, and equal partner.

Along with private group practice, Dr. Fleming works as an optometry mediator with owners of optometry practices in negotiating contracts.  He also assists optometrists in the buying and selling of optometry practices, coaches ODs through the transition process from associate to partner, and speaks on topics of practice transitioning, staff management, online technology and business strategies for practice growth. He disclosures include, Ocuhub, AOA Excel, SolutionReach, iMatrix, The Edmonds Group, Essilor America/Essilor Canada, and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care.

Dr. Fleming can be contacted at optometryceo@gmail.com.

Certified Public Accountant – Steve Criser, CPA

Steve has held accounting positions with some of the most prestigious accounting firms in the State of Kansas for over 35 years. Steve is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant with the Kansas Board of Accountancy. A member of professional organizations including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Kansas Society of CPA’s, the National Society of Accountants, and the Estate Planning Council of Wichita. His association with OptometryCEO is through the work he has done in providing tax advise and services to optometrists for buying and selling a practice, financial management within the practice, and tax related issues of partner buy-ins.

Steve can be contacted at Criser | Gough | Parrish, LLC.


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Practice Transition Attorney – Gary Baumwoll, JD

Gary is an attorney and consultant that has focused his practice on the legal issues surrounding the practice of medicine and dentistry since he began his law career. He specializes in medical and dental practice transitions, partnership agreements, office leases, employment and independent contractor agreements and corporate formation. His wife Heather Baumwoll, D.M.D. is an orthodontist, which provides him with unique insight into the specific issues that face doctors.  He is a 2002 graduate of Princeton University and a 2007 graduate of Rutgers School of Law

Gary can be contacted at Baumwoll Law.

25 Responses to Leadership Team

  1. Steven Shroder says:

    Dr. Fleming,
    Do you have contract examples for 2 OD’s going into partnership together.

    • cflem2c says:

      I would be happy to assist you with an optometry specific contract (actually I have a couple pieces to it). I have a very generic one and one that is very optometry specific. If you are an OD then you want the second one. Due to various reasons, I will need to confirm you are an OD before sending the optometry specific one. Again, it is no problem to send it your way but I must verify due to the content. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Michael Lepore says:

    Dr. Flemming,

    Great site! I came across your profile on Linked in which led me here. I would like to learn more about your company and share with you the way in which I work with Optometrist’s and Optometric consultants throughout the country. Would it be possible to call you


    • cflem2c says:

      Thanks for your interest in the site. I appreciate your invitation to visit. Prior to arranging a time could you send me some background information regarding your business and topics you would like to discuss. You can send it to optometryceo@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hey Dr. Fleming.
    We’re an optometry office located in Davis, CA and we’d love to guest post on your site. We can’t seem to locate a contact form on your site to do so. How would we go about doing that? Thank you!

  4. Judy Chan says:

    Please send me a copy of the Associate Agreement. Thank you!

  5. I was wondering if I could look at some of your contracts for bringing in an associate with a possible partnership?

  6. Mark Lund says:

    I am a retired US Army Optometrist in 2004 after 26 years of service. In 2005 I opened cold in Metro DC ( Maryland Suburbs). I am trying to sell my business and will retire to be with my wife who is a Nurse that was transferred to The VA Medical Center in Richmond.
    I would like to ask about the practice valuation rule of thumb and business sale agreement for transfer of ownership.

    And lastly if valuations are typically with inventory as an addon

    Thank You for your advice

  7. Hi Chad

    It was a pleasure meeting you at AOA. We spoke for a few minutes (I’m the short red-head 🙂
    Could you please send me a copy of the associate and associate-partnership agreements. any other info/templates regarding bringing in an associate would be helpful. Thanks so much


  8. Jacob Janecek, OD says:

    Could I please be sent an example of an associate agreement. Thanks, I appreciate it.

  9. Could I have an example of the associate agreement.

    thanks a bunch


  10. K gill says:

    Are you able to send me an example of a contract for a buy in/partnership? Thank you in advance!

  11. Steven R. Landreth,OD says:

    we are looking for long term associate in a multi-location highly medical practice. Any suggestions on posting positions.

  12. lee says:

    Would your legal advice and contracts be valid in a sale in California where my practice is located? Would there be a big difference in business dealings between states?

    • Chad Fleming says:

      Great question. The contracts serve as a baseline for discussion with your attorney as many attorneys do not specialize in optometric practice sales. I would highly recommend that you discuss your situation with a California attorney and you are welcome to use the downloads on this site for reference.

  13. joseph dag says:

    Please respond if you have

    experience in drafting Bill of

    sales and purchase agreements.
    Joseph Dag

  14. Arun Kaistha, OD says:

    I just purchased the Stock Purchase Agreement and it’s only 2 pages of a sample agreement with blackouts. Is this not available in a version I can edit? Looks like a very simple agreement. No details like non-compete, etc. Am I missing something?

    • Chad Fleming says:

      There is a document “Generic Partnership Agreement” that I have sent to you to compliment this. The stock purchase agreement, is only a basic stock purchase. I believe you will find the one I sent to be more beneficial for what you are looking for.

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