Recommended Reading

This book is for individuals that struggle with the “make it happen” mindset.  I was encouraged to read this book b/c I believe it mostly reflected the way I approach difficulties in life.  It has encouraged me to be more growth minded when difficult times come along instead of being so hot and cold.  For instance, a slow schedule at the office for a growth mindset would be an opportunity to grow through investing that time to work on things I would normally not have time to do.  One other highly important impression of this book was on raising children.  The premise of the book is great for how we encourage our children to continue to grow in the classroom or on the field.  There are many great thoughts on raising a child using a growth mindset to produce a child with a growth mindset.  Overall, I would recommend this book for individuals who don’t see the importance of continued growth in our lives.


Networking is usually left for the “brown noser” or “smooszer” who everyone tries to avoid.  This book is the antithesis of those individuals.  It describes the power of relationships and leveraging your connections for others.  Do you want to make connections with other optometrists in your city or would you like to have a better relationship with a retinal specialist or a cataract surgeon?  Would you like to have relationships where career opportunities abound.  This book is a must read!


This book is meant to be read by the owner/manager of a small business that is going through the levels of growth from start-up to a great company.  The chapter that struck me the most was on Whitewater as I believe our office to be exactly here to possibly moving out of it, but as I reflect over the past 5 years this was definitely us.  This book is best for the owner/manager transitioning from 1 doctor to 2 to 3 to 4 and the growing pains that go along with growth changes.  The book is best described as a marathon run by an inexperienced marathoner.  The runner has trained and run 26 miles prior to the race but once in the race forgets the importance of pacing oneself and starts out too fast with nothing left at the end to finish strong with.  Highly recommend for optometry partnerships.


Great resource for any small business, especially optometry as it gave many good, relevant examples of generating more patients through referrals.  The author did focus on the non-media marketing which I found to be important as my experience has been associated with internal marketing more than external.  This is a good book to return to each year when assessing new patient growth and generating more patients into the practice.  Really, it should be a required text for all optometry students who are looking to get into private practice.  I highly recommend.