The business plan’s Executive Summary provides a glimpse of who you are

An often-overlooked, yet critical aspect of a great business is having a clear vision and purpose-filled mission for that business. In his book, “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” leadership expert Simon Sinek stresses the importance of knowing why you do what you do. Any optometrist looking to build the foundation for a successful practice should read this powerful and penetrating book. A vision statement brings focus to the team and helps you lead your staff to your destination. In contrast, a mission statement describes what you are committed to during the journey of caring for patients.

Our mission is to serve our patients with excellence, by providing the highest standard in visual and ocular health care. We will also strive to provide professional service and quality eyewear, based upon core values, in a welcoming,  attentive, and caring manner. By providing this excellent service we hope that all of our patients will be happy and able to see with the best vision possible.

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In the Executive Summary you will also want to provide a summary of the company as it stands today. In this paragraph, highlight the eye care that has been provided by the practice you are purchasing. If you are starting a practice, define the need for a new practice in the proposed area and how your practice will fulfill that need.
Once you have summarized the practice as it is today, cast vision for what it will be tomorrow and why you will be successful. Again, this all builds off of the vision of your destination and the mission of how you will get there.