Top 10 reasons to sell your optometry practice and retire

Sports fans rarely get to see their icons retire in their prime. Unfortunately, many athletes near the end of their careers as their dedicated fans are praying they will give it up. Holding on for too long can be as detrimental to legacies as never winning a championship. In optometry, … Continue reading

5 Offline Marketing Tips that Still Work

An effective marketing plan for your optometry practice will include both online and offline messages. When creating your marketing strategy for 2015, you need to coordinate your online and offline efforts to ensure consistency and maximize both marketing methods. While online marketing has tremendous results, there are several often overlooked … Continue reading

How to reward staff based on team performance

Employers and employees most always disagree on compensation. Optometrist owners feel they are paying fairly–or even generously–to keep staff members happy and motivated. The optometry staff members believe they are working harder than ever, and deserve to be paid for extra effort. A bonus system that rewards increased team production … Continue reading

Does your optometry practice really need YouTube?

Industry experts say businesses need to be active in social media, but with so many different channels and platforms, it’s increasingly difficult to decide which forms of social media give a good return for your investment. Is it even necessary for Optometry CEOs to spend the time and money to … Continue reading

Keep your best: tips for staff retention

The sun is still rising on a Monday morning as you walk through the back door of your practice. As an experienced optometrist, you have a full schedule and you immediately prepare yourself for your first patient. Then your assistant takes this opportunity to let you know she is turning … Continue reading

Successful Optometrists . . .

Find the Right Practice

Finding the right practice is the first step to fulfilling your optometry career goals

Manage With Excellence

Whether you are managing staff, time, or the business, intentional planning and execution is a must to thrive in an optometry practice.

Pursue Growth

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin
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