Time to sell your optometry practice?

Timing is key to the best investments, yet most investors will tell you not to try to time the stock market. Waiting for the perfect moment to sell your practice might mean missing out on opportunities that could actually help you more financially in the long run. Many optometrists advanced … Continue reading

Eyewear Service Agreement – Is it right for your optometry office?

The last time you purchased an appliance or piece of technology, you were most likely offered a service agreement. So many companies now offer this to consumers it has become an expected part of the sale. If your optical department does not offer a service agreement, do your patients have … Continue reading

Perception is Reality – How clean are you?

Many medical offices I see are not clean. Although some people might relax standards for their homes, most agree that of all places, medical facilities should be clean. Patients form impressions of your office–whether consciously or not–before they ever meet you. As the CEO of your optometry business, the cleanliness … Continue reading

Dating before a Partnership

By Ashley Blasi, OD, guest columnist My husband and I dated for six years before we bit the bullet and got married. Those six years provided us an opportunity to know the good, the bad and the ugly about each other. No secrets were left untold before we became hitched. … Continue reading

4 ways to ensure a successful first year of practice.

The first year of practice is both exhilarating and frustrating. New doctors must be mindful of many things, but concentrating on the following four areas can pave their way to a successful career: 1. Never stop learning –  After graduating, most new optometrists are relieved to finally be finished with … Continue reading

Successful Optometrists . . .

Find the Right Practice

Finding the right practice is the first step to fulfilling your optometry career goals

Manage With Excellence

Whether you are managing staff, time, or the business, intentional planning and execution is a must to thrive in an optometry practice.

Pursue Growth

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin
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