How do you find an optometrist who wants to be a partner?

Finding a partner can feel like searching for a misplaced, unnamed file on your computer. Which search criteria will bring up the right one? Associate optometrists who desire to own and manage their own practice are a dying breed. Over the past 10 years, more optometrists have decided they prefer … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution: Update your CV

Maintaining a successful optometry career requires certain disciplines. An important yearly discipline for every optometrist is updating a curriculum vitae (CV). With the right planning, an update can be completed quickly with simple copying and pasting in editing software. Most ODs have some form of electronic note taking or record … Continue reading

Selling your practice may require mentoring a new OD

Selling an optometry practice is not like it once was. Decades ago, when a solo optometrist approached retirement he would put his office up for sale and within 12 to 18 months the practice would sell. The buyer might have requested the seller remain working in the practice for a … Continue reading

Which optometry practices will thrive in 2015?

Let’s face it, optometry practices are a lot like different offerings on the stock market. Some stocks do well in both bull and bear markets, and others seem to perform poorly no matter what the climate. The similarities in the optometry business are shocking. Why do some optometry practices seem … Continue reading

Are you easy to do business with?

As an optometrist you may find it easy to schedule your week around your preferences. You may close the office over lunch for an hour and a half and not open until nine o’clock in the morning. You may only schedule contact lens checks on Friday to insure you’ll make … Continue reading

Successful Optometrists . . .

Find the Right Practice

Finding the right practice is the first step to fulfilling your optometry career goals

Manage With Excellence

Whether you are managing staff, time, or the business, intentional planning and execution is a must to thrive in an optometry practice.

Pursue Growth

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin
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